Scott Makiol Biodentistry

What is Dr Scott Makiol's approach to dentistry?

At Scott Makiol Biodentistry, we focus on the patient’s overall health and its connection to their oral health. Instead of solely focusing on the mouth, we consider the patient’s whole body health and wellness and its relation to their oral health. We call this holistic dentistry, also commonly called biodentistry, because we treat the person as a whole. 

We Prioritise Your Whole-Body Health

Our holistic approach prioritises your overall quality of life using modern dentistry in a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere for your physical and emotional well-being. We use advanced dental care techniques and technologies to improve patient outcomes, and we use durable, high-quality materials that do not contain metal. 

Metal-free restorations are more compatible with the body’s natural processes, not to mention they more accurately match a person’s natural smile. 

Ultimately, we see the mouth as an integral part of the body, and we consider oral health concerns to relate to whole-body vitality. 

We Help Create Healthy Smiles That Last

The mouth is a high sensory area, and we want your teeth and gums to function as comfortably as possible. 

The mouth is a microenvironment that mirrors the body’s total health. For example, plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth can risk plaque accumulation in the arteries.

The same bacteria associated with gum disease is also often present in the hearts of those with heart disease. A holistic dentist focuses on the proper balance of oral bacteria to improve a patient’s smile and general health. 

For more information about modern biodentistry in Moorooka, please feel free to contact us today.

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