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The Oral Microbiome

March 16, 2022
Posted By: Nicole Makiol

Research into the Oral Microbiome is gaining momentum.  We have billions of microbes living in our mouth and it is the second most complex of the human body after the gut microbiome.  

So far, around 700 different species of oral microbes have be identified.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Our individual oral bacteria are thought to influence how we perceive the taste of food.

Studies show that an imbalance in a person's oral microbiome can impact your overall health and has been associated with heart conditions, rheumatoid arthritis and even depression in young adults amongst other health conditions.

Sugars, alcohol, overly processed foods, nicotine and recreational drugs all have an negative impact on our oral microbiome.

The most effective way to ensure the healthy and happy balance of your oral microbiome (and overall health) is to eat a whole foods diet, including a diverse range of colourful plant foods. 

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