Scott Makiol Biodentistry

What exactly is biodentistry?

Biodentistry, or holistic dentistry, is the diagnosing, preventing, treating and maintaining oral health using natural, biocompatible therapies. However, practising modern biodentistry doesn't mean we neglect leading-edge, scientific dental technologies and techniques. 

The Mouth-Body Connection 

The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine states biological dentistry emphasises the importance of the mouth-body connection. Illness that occurs within the body may materialise in the mouth and vice versa. Additionally, various factors can affect a person's oral health, such as diet, stress and sleep patterns. 

What Is a Biological Dentist?

All biological dentists obtain a BDSc degree and offer a wide range of dental services, like bi-annual cleans, cavity restorations and gum disease therapies. A biological dentist also tries to identify the root cause of a patient's oral health issues. We also discuss the patient's diet, dental hygiene and other health and lifestyle habits. 

We Use High-Quality Restorations for a Natural Smile

At Scott Makiol Biodentistry, we use safe, non-toxic materials to repair, restore and improve a person's teeth and gums. Among these materials are metal-free, tooth-coloured fillings, crowns, bridges and more. These restorations look, feel and function like natural teeth. 

Do You Need a Dental Appointment?

Our health-conscious patients appreciate our focus on prevention, patient education and comprehensive dental care. If you need to arrange a preventive appointment with Dr Scott, we invite you to call our friendly dental team. 

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